Credit Expert Summit: Cohort 4

18 Hour Advanced Credit Certification Course
3 Days of Intensive Credit Education

Wednesday August 2nd through Friday August 4th, 2017
Location: The aloft Hotel in The Flats East Bank

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After 3 highly successful events, we are pleased to announce the dates for the next Credit Expert Summit! Cohort 4 will be held in Cleveland, Ohio from Wednesday August 2nd through Friday August 4th at Hyatt Regency at teh Cleveland Arcade.

John Ulzheimer is one of the brightest minds in the consumer credit space. John’s industry experience includes 7 years at FICO, 6 years with Equifax, and 12 years of concurrent work for multiple credit industry players. John has written four books on the topic of consumer credit, been published over 3,500 times, has served as an expert witness in over 270 credit related lawsuits, and has been interviewed countless times by every large media outlet in the United States. He is twice Fair Credit Reporting Act certified by the credit industry’s trade association and has been qualified to testify in both Federal and state courts on the topic of consumer credit, credit damages, and industry standards.

Chad Kusner has 15 years of credit and consumer law experience. He speaks nationally, Fico Pro Certified, Director of NACSO, and approved by the Ohio Supreme Court as a credit educator. Through real world experience, direct training with John and his partner, a 25 year FCPA/FCRA litigator, Chad has dedicated his career to providing the most accurate and timely information to his client base.

After high demand we are adding an additional 2 hours of content on day three. We continue to refine and add content based on requests from previous attendees. Each event has evolved and Cohort 4 promises to be the definitive experience in consumer credit education.

Just a few topics that will be covered:

  • Detailed Analysis of FICO Classic and VantageScore
  • Understanding Codes and referencing the CRRG
  • Current status and review of the CRA Overhaul
  • Building a functional credit scoring model
  • Consumer Protection Laws review and discussion
  • Credit Service Organization Compliance
  • The CRA’s efforts to obsolete Credit Repair Organizations
  • Guest Speakers: TBA
  • Updating the current state of FCRA litigation including the most common claims
  • A close look at the future of Alternative Credit Data
  • The impact and changes of the new CRA rules on public records
  • The state of the CFPB and regulations
  • A deep dive into the NCAP, including the reporting of liens and judgements
  • The lastest trends in consumer credit litigation including 2 new angles being exploited.
  • A deep dive into inquires, #justkidding
  • Disclosures, RMCRs, and Credit Reports… aren’t they same things?
  • John’s Expert Witness Module, not available anywhere else but the Summit

BONUS: Expert Witness Module!

Back by demand, John has agreed to provide a module on Expert Witness work. For those wanting to learn what it takes to enter this field, this event is a must attend. John has charged $5000 for previous expert classes and has no plans to offer it in the future.

Learn how to Bill as Much as $425 an Hour!

If you have not yet attended an Expert Summit, this event is a deep dive into the intricacies of credit. This is NOT a credit repair conference and there will be no solicitation by vendors. Our goal is provide detailed insight for credit, legal and financial professionals. We provide this content in a think tank style format and seating is limited. All three previous summits sold out completely!

DISCLAIMER: The Credit Expert Summit is not a credit repair conference. There will be no vendors, motivational speakers, business coaches, software or products to buy. This event is designed to be an investment in knowledge. If your goal is to be an expert in consumer credit, then register NOW and get ready to learn from some of the brightest minds in the credit industry!

Credit Expert Summit: Cohort 4

18 Hour Advanced Credit Certification Course
3 Days of Intensive Credit Education

Wednesday August 2nd through Friday August 4th, 2017
Location: The aloft Hotel in The Flats East Bank

credit expert summit 2017

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The Expert Summit is attended by credit professionals from around the nation. Organized as a think tank, you’ll not only learn from John, you’ll be able to collaborate and gain insight from other leaders in the industry. Many of our attendees have been to all three previous events, below is some of the feedback we’ve received.

“John is a world-class expert. His knowledge is broad, as well as deep, and he makes complex topics simple with plain-speak and a sense of humor. If you’re experiencing credit-related issues, then you have to spend time with John.”

Scott Mitic,
CEO, Trusted ID, Inc.

“John’s information is spot-on, providing consumers with timely and relevant financial education tips in a user-friendly manner. In the increasingly complex world of personal finance, John Ulzheimer is a consumer’s dream come true.”

Gail Cunningham,
VP of Public Relations National Foundation for Credit Counseling

“If you want the inside scoop on credit scores and bureau reports, John is simply the best.”

Craig Watts,
Public Affairs Manager, Fair Isaac Corporation